Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Take a Visit to The Wylder West

 Our Wylder West series has been a huge success! To date we have six stories published with lots more on the way!  They are as follows, starting with the most recent:

Home in Wylder by Jane Lewis available January 17!

To escape gossip about her disastrous engagement, Sarah Miller flees to Wylder, Wyoming where her aunt owns a dress shop.   But the danger she discovers in the wild west has her ready to board the next stagecoach out of town. 

Daniel Taylor rescues a damsel in distress only to fall in love with her at first sight. The past has taught him that gentle women don't make Wylder their home. He intends to court Sarah, but  braces himself for a broken heart, knowing she will eventually leave  town.

When Sarah is forced to face down the men who have tormented her since her arrival in Wylder, she will have to make the most difficult decision of her life.

Released January 18: Wylder's Magic by Sherrie Lea Morgan

Lillian is devastated. Her goal of owning an apothecary in Wylder, Wyoming is dashed. Her family has promised her in wedlock by proxy, and she hopes her spouse is a reasonable man.  Can they forge a compromise about the shop, as well as their marriage?

Hank's hopes aren't high when it comes to his sight-unseen bride. Heck, he'd settle for a good cook and a warm body. However, Lillian is a lady and skittish as a wild filly—determined to take things slow. She proves her point by sleeping in the guest room.

Just as Lillian begins to fall in love, and yearns to become a true wife, Hank is shot. With potions handed down by her ghostly Gammy she works to keep him alive. Will death come calling or will Hank live to share the last unclaimed piece of property on their homestead…his bed?

Released on December 2, 2020:

A Wylder Christmas by Sarita Leone

Can a Christmas miracle bring a southern belle into the arms of a Union soldier?

Violet Bloom leaves Charleston to come west as a mail-order bride.  But when she steps off the stagecoach, she's greeted by tragic news.  She vows to begin anew in Wylder, to lay haunting memories to rest, and find peace.


Former Union soldier Thomas Harvey's dreams of homesteading are crushed, along with his heart, at the passing of his wife.  He moves to town and struggles to survive—not for himself, but for his spirited young daughter.  

After Thomas rescues Violet during a snowstorm, neither has any thought of romance. But Christmas magic is in the air. It's a time of forgiveness and new beginnings—even for lost souls.   

A Walk on the Wylder Side by Laura Strickland

Outspoken, rebellious Cissy Arkwright was sent west from her Chicago home to work at a boarding house in Wylder, Wyoming. The last thing she expects is friendship with the handsome new boarder, a man with an air of danger and the power to make her smile.

Buck Standish is on the run from his past. He'd like to put aside the life of a gun-for-hire, especially once he meets Cissy. But experience tells him the past has a way of catching up, pistols in hand. He's lost his heart to Cissy—should he protect her by hitting the trail again? Or stay in Wylder and fight for their future?

Wylder Hearts by Kim Turner

Caleb Holt is the man to see for a good horse. Abuse an animal and he'll teach the lesson that goes with it. When he lands on top of a woman in the midst of a brawl and  snags a passionate kiss, he sparks a fire he never expected.  But it doesn't take the cowboy long to learn a lesson of his own… sometimes love comes with a price. 

Seamstress Laurel Adams is embarrassed by Caleb's stolen kiss.  Though she is determined to raise her son alone, she wonders at the ease of falling for the handsome horseman. But when the husband who abandoned her returns, there is only one choice to make—the one that breaks her heart into tiny pieces.  

The Wylder County Social Club by Nicole McCaffrey

Eliza Jane O'Hanlan is called west to care for her ailing mother.  Raised by a spinster aunt, she only knows that her mother is a successful businesswoman.  When she arrives in Wylder she is shocked to learn her mother is the town madam. But the secrets don't end there…

Doctor Sam "Coyote" Sullivan saw enough suffering and dying in the war to last a lifetime.  He is more than happy to help the town madam keep her girls free of disease—and worse.  The moment she arrives in town, the madam's daughter makes it clear she doesn't approve of her mother's unconventional methods—or him. 

Before long, Eliza doesn't just have the town of Wylder in a stir.  She has Coyote pretty stirred up, too.  

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