Cactus Rose

Here the West is wild

and passion burns

hotter than the sun at high noon.

A Man Like That
by Alison Henderson

A Marshall of Her Won
by Linda LaRoque

Aurona's Price
by Kathleen Lawless

Callie's Honor
by Kathleen Lawless

Captive Legacy
by Theresa Scott

Capture an Eagle
by Joyce Henderson

Dangerous Disguise
by Tesa Devlyn

Gambling on Love
by Sandi Hampton

Guardian Bride
by Lauri Robinson

Harvest of Dreams
by Alison Henderson

Heart of Gold
by Laurel Natale

Hot Under the Collar
by Jane Leopold Quinn

Hunter's Heart
by Laurel Natale

Love's Sweet Wager
by Jannine Corti-Petska

Lost Hearts
by Kathy Otten

Montana Belle
by Linda Morris

Northern Nights
by Theresa Scott

One Perfect Flower
by Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

Passion's Secret
by Doris Lemcke

Passion's Spirit
by Doris Lemcke

Schooling Miss Burke
by Paty Jager

Seducing the Sheriff
by Shannon Robinson

Special Delivery
by Gini Rifkin

Stone Heart's Woman
by Velda Brotherton

Texas Bride
by Brenda Huber

The Cowboy and the Hellcat
by Sherry James

The Texan's Irish Bride
by Caroline Clemmons

The Treasure
by Theresa Scott

Widow's Ransom
by Mallary Mitchell

Wild Texas Wind
by Nicole McCaffrey

Wildcat Bride
by Lauri Robinson

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David Wilma said...

Here is a blog post about real cowgirls. There is tons of stuff here for a novelist.