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October/November 2018

Hello and hope this finds you well. Our Managing Editor, Historical Division, is in the midst of revitalizing the TWRP Historial Author blog and will soon send invitations to all. I volunteered so this is my first attempt. 

Thrilled about a new release, Book Six, The Blue-Eyed Black-Hearted Duke is available for pre-order now for release date November 5, 2018.

How do you tempt a sinner?—Offer him a saint!
Dark, dangerous, brooding and, in his opinion, unredeemable, Radolf, Duke of Wolferton, doesn’t fear death but welcomes it. Guilt-ridden because of his sinful past, the tormented hero of the Waterloo wars, honor-bound, believes he is undeserving of any woman’s love and closely guards his black heart.
Powerfully drawn to him, Jaclyn Moreux, his ward, cannot deny his allure and the sizzling attraction that grows. She is lured by his seductive charm and the danger and passion in his embrace. But a treacherous villain sets about disparaging the duke to Jaclyn with lies and half-truths.
Jaclyn vows to help Radolf conquer his demons and accept the supernatural powers that destines their love.   Book Six   Author Page  The Wild Rose

The plot is a departure from my traditional Regency Romance since it is a Regency Fantasy Supernatural. Woke up one night after it was a halfway completed and had a vision of the supernatural creatures in a stained glass window.  Viola! Revisions made it a reality.

Sizzling, spicy page turner Regency romance with an element of fantasy supernatural. One night he met with temptation and it bested him. Radolf, Duke of Wolferton, had a reputation as a rake which he never wanted to uphold. A glistening thread of goodness was tattooed on his heart.

For all of my books, I create visionary graphics to allow me to escape from my own
world into my characters’ reality.

SANDRA MASTERS, Historical Author  
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