Saturday, December 4, 2010

Writing a sequel

My short time travel set in 1888 Prairie, Texas, A Law of Her Own, received good reviews and I had such fun writing the story I’ve decided to write a sequel. The title is Seeker of Truth. I’m not crazy about the title so if you have any ideas, please send them to me.

Here is a working blurb.

An investigative reporter, Dessa Wade is on assignment in Fredericksburg, Texas. In her effort to discover what happened to a young lawyer gone missing in 2008, Dessa is thrown back to 1889 into the arms of a Texas lawman determined she’s an outlaw.

In 1889 Prairie, Texas, Marshall Cole Jeffers is tracking the Colter Gang and plans to bring the bank robbers to justice. Just as he has them in his clutches, a young woman lands in his lap and makes him rethink what he’s always know to be possible.

Truth and trust will collide before Dessa can convince Cole of her innocence and both can achieve their goal.

If you have any advice for writing sequels, please leave me a comment.

Thanks and Happy Reading and Writing!


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