Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marrying Mattie...the bridegroom's a virgin and the bride isn't!

I'm thrilled to announce my latest release and second in the Paradise Brides series, Marrying Mattie! I thank my terrific editor Helen Andrew for making this book happen, for guiding me every step of the way.

You can meet hero Call Hackett in the first book, Marrying Minda, when he finds himself falling for another man's wife. Fortunately the husband wins out, at which time I realized Call deserved a love story all his own. Linking these two books is my short story, His Christmas Angel, a free download at The Wild Rose Press that will put you in the holiday spirit even though it's August.

I hope you enjoy your visits to Paradise, Nebraska circa 1880! For the first time ever, I had a character tell me what she wanted to do as I was writing a scene. (It's Call's mom when she confronts the bad guy. I'd heard this happens but it had never before happened to me! Go, Geraldine!)


Caldwell Hackett knows everything about horseflesh and nothing about women, yet he's managed to snare beautiful Mattie Carter's heart. With their wedding coming up, he's nervous about his inexperience in the bridal bed, but his lovely fiancée manages to ease his worries in just the right way.

Mattie Carter is hopelessly in love with the handsome horse doctor and knows this marriage will be wonderful, unlike her first that was fraught with her wealthy husband's infidelity. Eager to begin her new life with Call, Mattie is heartbroken when her former husband halts their vows, claiming to the whole church she's still his wife.

Can Mattie regain Call's trust? Can Call, whose livelihood is threatened when an epidemic hits the horses in Paradise, figure out the truth with Mattie's help? Or will these star-crossed lovers be destined to live apart?


The church slowly emptied.

In the hullabaloo of titters, horrified murmurs, and sprouting gossip, Mattie tightened her fingers painfully around Call’s hand. “Caldwell, you must believe me. My divorce was final. It was legal.”

Call’s heart hammered as he peered at Woodrow with the corner of his eye. The man walked smooth, confident, and he nattered loudly to the departing guests as he ushered them out. “Could he be right? What if the decree wasn’t filed properly?”

“You doubt me?” Mattie’s entire body shook along with her voice. “You think I would agree to marry you if there was any doubt at all?”

“Of course not.” He could barely stop his own trembling tongue. “I’m sure you did everything you were assigned. None of this is laid at your feet. But what if… What if there was a legal mistake? That you couldn’t prevent. And why does he show up just now?” Call’s voice caught in the back of his throat. He said with a cough, “If he had doubts…surely he’s known about our marriage for months. The timing is too…vengeful.”

“Of course he’s known about the marriage. He and my sisters have mutual friends. If there was a problem, which I doubt, Libby and Debbie certainly would have told me. ” Shaking her head, Mattie moved to collapse in the front pew, face in her hands.

Both books are available at The Wild Rose Press in both print and e-book form. I hope you'll keep in touch with me at and , the allWestern romance site where I blog every first and third Wednesday

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