Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bannon's Brides

A friend gave me a non-fiction book about women of the west. The book was filled with journal entries of what women endured while crossing the Oregon Trail in wagon trains. I learned that more people died from rattlesnake bites and lightning strikes than from Indian attacks. Thus was borne the idea of BANNON'S BRIDES an American Historical novel about a group of mail order brides who endure the rigors of the frontier to meet their future husbands.

Blurb for Bannon’s Bride

Jail or prostitution? Fiona Quinn chooses neither. Instead, she signs a mail-order bride contract and leaves Philadelphia on a wagon train bound for Oregon.

Braving rattlesnakes and hostile Indians, when she is kidnapped by two depraved buffalo hunters, she fears she may never reach Oregon alive.

Cordell Bannon has sworn to safely deliver thirty mail-order brides to their prospective husbands. He struggles with a clause in his contract that binds him to an oath of celibacy. Yet between him and Fiona flares a passion so intense that it rocks him to the core.

Bannon’s still damp hair curled darkly, giving a boyish look to his haggard face, and his wet clothes clung to his body when he rode up beside Fiona’s wagon. she sensed by the determined set of his eyes and firm mouth that tragedy had struck again. she steeled herself not wanting to hear the news.
“You and the other ladies all right, Fiona?”
Except for the suction of mud against wagon wheels, the air was crisp and silent. “Aye, we are,” she managed weakly. “Is it over?”
“All but the burying.”
“She strangled on a sob. “Who?”
“That last bolt of lightning, the one just before the storm ended…” his voice struggled as if he couldn’t get the words out, and then said quietly, “Circle up, Fiona. I’ll pass the word to the other.”
Fiona stepped down to the ground and braced herself against the wagon. her legs were shaky, and her arms ached as her muscles slowly unclenched.
Ma Smalley stood beside her. “Never in my born days have I witnessed a storm with such ferocity.”
“Mr. Bannon said we’re to have another burying.” Fiona’s voice was low and filled with emotion.
“Sweet mother in heaven. Do you know who?”
Fiona chewed her bottom lip. She shrugged her shoulders. “Guess we’ll find out soon enough, here he comes.”
Bannon was covered with grass and mud, his wet hat slapping against his thigh. “We’ll camp here for a few days. We can all do with a rest.”
Ma Smalley touched his arm. “Fiona said we’d have another burying. We’d like to know who.”
His words sounded almost apologetic as if he were somehow responsible. “That last bolt of lightning. It jumped over the supply wagon, spared wagon number nine and struck dead center—″
Bannon's Brides is available at: www.thewilderosepress.com


Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Loretta, I love mail order bride stories. The excerpt is great! Best wishes for a ton of sales.

Paty Jager said...

Sounds like a fun read!

Loretta C. Rogers said...

The best compliment I believe I've every received about Bannon's Brides is when the copyeditor said she got so caught up in the story that she forgot she was supposed to be editing. She certainly made my day. Thanks Tanya and Paty for your comments.